Remember the days when team-building activities consisted of shuffling a bus full of adults to a remote location and making them do trust falls? I can’t image that there’s anything more anxiety inducing than waiting for the folks in accounting to keep you from landing belly up (literally!). Isn’t there a better, more productive way to unite your employees—without sending someone home with a sprained ankle?


If you’re looking for a fresh idea, I’ve got one for you: Interactive Cooking Classes! Roll up your sleeves, tie on an apron and cook alongside our Artisans. During this 2-hour class, your group will be divided into teams and tasked with executing a multi-course gourmet meal. Our Artisans will guide the process and share top chef secrets we’ve learned from cooking all over the world.


Cooking Class Benefits include:

  • Utilizing seasonal, local ingredients
  • Learning practical, pro-cooking tips
  • Interacting and bonding with fellow teammates
  • Cooking in a state-of-the-art kitchen right here in Austin
  • Creating and enjoying a gourmet meal
  • Offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to your employees


Your team will leave with culinary skills, new friends and an appreciation for the art of fine dining. That sure beats hurtling yourself off of a tree stump!


The Perfect Holiday Party:

Interactive Cooking Classes are also a unique way to celebrate the holidays with your colleagues. Sure, going out to dinner is great, but cooking your own meal is far more satisfying. It also gives everyone an opportunity to spend time together in a fun, productive environment.


Book Now: If you’re interested in scheduling an Interactive Cooking Class, or would like to learn more, visit our Team Building Events page or contact us. We look forward to cooking with you!