How valuable is your time?  How valuable is your health?

Chances are, you can’t put a price on either—right? Many of my clients seeking personal chef services come from all walks of life: the busy executive who leaves the office at 8:00 pm or the parents managing a whirlwind of after school activities. Whether it’s nightly take-out or meals at the Chic-fil-A drive-thru, are you wishing there was a way to master healthy meal-time routines? 

There is a solution! Have you considered a personal chef?

I know what you’re thinking—a personal chef is for movie starts and the ultra-wealthy. Not true.  In fact, if you honestly calculated all weekly take-outs, pizza delivery, drive-thru stops, and Whole Foods salad bar lunches, I bet it will add up quick. The average household spends roughly $3,008 per year just on dinning out.

What if you could hire a personal chef? Someone who can do all the meal planning, grocery shopping, and food-prep for you.  Imagine opening the fridge to find fresh, healthy, chef-made meals lovingly prepared for you and your family.  Now I’ve got your attention!

At the Austin Artisan, our Personal Chef Services provide you with quality cuisine tailored to your personal preferences and dietary concerns. Sound like a dream come true? Maybe you only need meals three days a week. Or maybe you’re so busy you need more. Either way, our personal chefs are here to help. Whether you’re a finicky eater or a busy family, we cook the food you’re craving

Consider these top benefits to hiring a personal chef:

  1. You get a customized menu tailored to any specific likes, dislikes, allergies and more.
  2. Meals are prepared to cater to your busy schedule.
  3. All meals are crafted with fresh, local ingredients.
  4. You don’t have to spend your valuable time writing long grocery lists, plotting to your local store, shopping, waiting in line, and unpacking the groceries.
  5. Get the peace-of-mind that you and your loved ones are eating healthy, non-processed foods.
  6. Regain your precious family time and reconnect at the end of the day over a delicious meal.
  7. Achieve your weight-loss and wellness goals with meals that are designed for you.
  8. Spend less time cleaning and washing dishes.

Are you ready to build your customized meal plan?  Click to learn more about our Personal Chef Services, or fill out our Food Questionnaire to get started.