Do you turn up your nose when you hear the word turnip? I get it; they’re not everyone’s favorite vegetable. To this I say: challenge accepted!

Turnips are cropping up like crazy right now. As we endeavor to cook locally and seasonally for our clients, we’ve gotten pretty creative with these under-rated veggies. But before we dive into the recipe, I feel like I have to clear up some confusion first:

Turnips and rutabaga are often mixed up. While both are part of the Brassica family, turnips have purple-tinted skin and white flesh. And they’re usually a little smaller than rutabaga. As for taste, they’re slightly bitter, which is why most people are off-put by them. Good thing we have cheese!

Lately, we’ve been transforming turnips into deliciously hearty gratins, made with butter, cheese and lots of fresh herbs. The dairy lends a savory flavor and creamy texture. As the turnips cook, they sweeten and lose a bit of that bitterness.

This dish makes for a nice alternative to potato-based sides that can start to feel redundant. This also exposes your family to more than the staple, go-to vegetables we rely on so much. So take yourself, your kids or a buddy to the farmer’s market and pick up a few turnips.

While you’re there, look for other veggies you don’t eat often. I love getting people excited about food, especially food they’ve never tried before. If you see something you want to experiment with, send me an email and I’ll find you a recipe. Deal?

Turnip Gratin Recipe

Okay, back to the turnips. A side effect of working in a busy kitchen is that you don’t always have time to write your recipes down. But have no fear; this Turnip Gratin recipe by The Pioneer Woman is reminiscent of our version. Gooey, salty and slightly sweet, this decadent dish will make a turnip believer out of you. Try it this holiday season or for a weeknight side…

Better yet, let the Austin Artisans do it for you. The holiday season can get stressful, so leave the cooking to us. Click the links to find out more about our Boutique Catering and Personal Chef Services. What’s the difference between the two? This blog will help you out!