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Our Farm To Table Values

Our small batch, farm-to-table philosophy allows us to work closely with local merchants to design custom menus that are carefully curated with organic, locally-sourced ingredients. We offer you an appetizing taste of Austin.

At The Austin Artisan, we believe that farm-to-table is about as much more than food. It’s about appreciating what is right outside your backdoor. It means caring for your neighbors and supporting your community.

Caring For Our World

The Austin Artisan is devoted to caring for our planet. All of the products we use in our kitchen, including knives, cutting boards, etc are packaged in recyclable, reusable, or compostable material. Every day we diminish the amount of plastic we use in both our meal prep and catering services.

Caring For Our Communities


In 2021, a wintery storm blew into Texas, leaving half of the state without power. Many people’s pipes burst and left them without water. Virtually no businesses of any kind were open, no restaurants, grocery stores, or gas stations! Everyone was left to fend with only what they had stocked up. We saw an opportunity during this difficult time to do what we love most, feed our community. That’s why our staff devoted hours in the kitchen to preparing and distributing free soup to hundreds of hungry people.

Everything’s Better In Austin!

The breathtaking Austin landscape has always been our greatest muse. Our goal is to bring you farm-to-table, artisan goods that go straight from Austin gardens to your plate. Through the art of food, we honor Austin as we broaden the horizons of new techniques and flavors.

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Explore The Possibilities

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