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A private chef is a professional who cooks for one household, every day. They are hired to cook meals and prepare and serve them. They may also live on the premise of the household they are working for.

A personal chef is someone who prepares meals in their own kitchen or out of a commercial kitchen and delivers it to their client. Personal chefs can also be hired either as part of an event, such as cooking for an engagement party or on an ongoing basis, such as cooking two meals per week for a family.

Prices vary depending on preferences; please contact us for a personalized quote.

Yes, you can glance out our sample menus here.

Absolutely. We understand the frustration that comes with feeling like an outcast because you can’t eat what everyone else is eating. We are happy to accommodate guests with specific allergies, restrictions, and/or preferences.

We have a strong farm-to-table philosophy, and locally source our ingredients whenever possible.

Meal planning, cooking, and cleaning up.

To get started with the booking process, please speak to one of our chefs.

  1. Schedule a call to discuss your vision with a luxury chef in Austin
  2. Our Austin personal chefs will create your custom menu and culinary experience
  3. Make cherished memories and enjoy luxurious meals effortlessly

We’ve done everything from intimate dinner parties for 2 to luxury catering for 50.

Whenever possible, we purchase directly from the farm or ranch, which allows for a longer shelf life than food purchased from a grocery store. The meals we deliver to you on Monday will last until Sunday.

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