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The Story Behind The Austin Artisan

Food is so much more than fuel. It’s the gateway to our most cherished life experiences.

One bite of a crisp and smoky hatch green chile from New Mexico is so much more than a little heat in my mouth…it instantly transports me to El Paso. I’m a young boy enjoying the company of my grandparents and a mouthwatering meal under the hot summer sun…and life is just…good.

Food is powerful. It’s the vehicle that brings families together at the table every night and silences the noise of the outside world. Food is the center of every celebration. It’s an homage to family history. And for me, it also symbolizes hope, healing, and the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Meet Our Team Of Austin Chefs

Executive Chef Michael Wards

Executive Chef Michael Wards

Chef Wards started his career back in 2011 and attended Le Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts in Austin. Since then, he’s built an amazing team of passionate, growth-oriented team members who share his vision for The Austin Artisan.

The legacy he is building with The Austin Artisan is not to be the biggest or best personal chef services company. For Chef Wards, The Austin Artisan is a leadership incubator. A place where chefs come not just to be better cooks, but to be better leaders and stewards of the culinary community.

On his free weekends, you’ll find Chef Wards and his family at the pool. You might also spot him on a date with his wife at the newly opened restaurants in Austin. But, his hands-down favorite thing to do is visit other places, foreign or domestic, and experience the local culture, food, and people.

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s met Chef Wards that he’s motivated by his love of food, his passion for serving others, and making people happy by cultivating meaningful experiences for them.

What might come as a surprise is that Chef Wards is among the 5% of boy scouts who successfully earned the title of Eagle Scout.

“It was and still is one of my proudest accomplishments. It also represents an enormously impactful part of my life. Boy Scouts is where I began to gain an appreciation for leading by example, making good decisions, and helping others. The bedrock of who The Austin Artisan is and what has helped shape our core values.”

Chef De Cuisine Kori Rosetti

Chef De Cuisine Kori Rosetti

She attended the New England Culinary Institute and has a BA in Culinary Arts. Today, she’s most proud of the leadership skills she’s developed since joining The Austin Artisan team.

Chef Rosetti has taken on the role of Chef De Cuisine at The Austin Artisan. A position she’s been working towards her entire career. Her passion for food and her love for her family is the driving force behind her success.

Chef Rosetti not only strives to create the best food but also the best working environment.

When she’s not in The Austin Artisan kitchen, Chef Rosetti spends her time paddleboarding, hiking, and going out to dinner. She’s also lived in 5 other states before placing her roots down in beautiful Austin.

Executive Sous Chef Gabriel J. Ramos

Executive Sous Chef Gabriel J. Ramos

Gabriel J. Ramos started his culinary journey at 21 years old. He is the youngest of seven kids and was born & raised in Puerto Rico. Chef Ramos received an associate’s degree in Culinary, Bachelor’s in Food & Business Management, and he proudly graduated with an MBA in Hospitality from Johnson & Wales University.

One of his first successes in the industry was gaining the respect of his fellow chefs while working in Germany. He also proudly boasts a letter of recommendation from Michelin Star Restaurant in Germany.

Chef Ramos has a stoic mindset and isn’t afraid to fail, he’s also a relentless optimist. When he’s not in the kitchen, he loves to read, exercise, and take on DIY projects in his free time.

Chef Ramos loves the fast-paced environment and chaos of the culinary industry. He thrives on the ability to fabricate new and creative dishes.

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