Texas is a state known for rodeos, armadilloes, Tex-Mex, and hospitality. But recently, we’ve made national headlines for something much less charming: a winter storm that has wreaked utter havoc. From freezing temperatures to power outages to a food crisis, and so much more, Texas has been dealt quite a wallop. 

As the Austin storm unfolded, we at The Austin Artisan wondered how we could best help. We didn’t have to think too long, because the answer soon became very clear. We know that the best way to give back is to give what you’re good at. Our hearts are in our food, and our kitchen was full of delicious chicken and other ingredients that we didn’t want to go to waste. So we rolled up our sleeves and got cooking. From beefy vegetable to chicken and potato, soon our kitchen was full of hearty soups ready to reach out and warm up hungry Texan tummies. 

Next, we had to find a way to get all those food donations out to all the hurting people out there. But where to find them? We partnered with World Central Kitchen and Good Work Austin, and soon all of that soup was on the move! 

The Austin storm (aka ICEpocalypse) wasn’t going to get in the way of distributing all that deliciousness to the shelters, fire stations, and other community members in Texas that desperately needed not just a hot meal but a bit of extra love.


It’s been incredible to see so many local businesses stepping up to help their neighbors in the aftermath of the Austin storm. We are grateful and humbled to be a part of that and want to make sure we share a bit of love for our friends in the local community. Here are a few of our favorite small businesses that went to work, providing Texans with food donations, necessary shelter, and water, not to mention warmth. If you get a chance to check out their Instagram pages, just giving them a bit of love on social media is a big help! 

365 Things Austin has been at the center of many giving efforts during the Austin storm. |  Inn Cahoots has donated the use of their kitchens, showers, and charging areas. | Tacodeli gave out over 1,000 free meals. | Infamous Brewing Company has been giving out free water, as well as some of their craft beer! | H-E-B even handed out free groceries. Talk about food donations! 

Wondering How to Further Austin Storm Recovery Efforts? These Non-Profits Help Us All Stay #AustinStrong 

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen helps communities in times of crisis by providing the most basic of needs: food and nutrition. Recently, they delivered thousands of meals to Indonesia after Mamuju’s 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Before that, they showed up after the back-to-back Hurricanes Eta and Iota rampaged through Central America. Now, they are bringing that same relief and emergency care to Austin, TX. 

Where to Donate/How to Help:

Donations always help. But if you are a local restaurant or catering organization in Austin, prepared meals are sorely needed to give to those who have no means to cook for themselves. Find out more about how to contribute to World Central Kitchen’s food donations effort here

Good Work Austin’s Community Kitchen 

Good Work Austin, a small business advocacy and support group, has already been working with restaurants striving to survive the pandemic. They recently highlighted ways for restaurants to more effectively and safely re-open during the pandemic with their “Dine with Confidence” agreement. 

Now, in the aftermath of the Austin storm, Good Work Austin’s Community Kitchen is working with those same Texas restaurants and businesses (including The Austin Artisan!) to provide warm meals to those in need. Dropping off meals to warming centers, food pantries, families re-located to hotels, and more, they are giving away more than 25,000 meals per week!

Where to Donate/How to Help: 

You can donate to Good Work Austin’s Community Kitchen on their GivePulse page here

Austin Mutual Aid

Unhoused community members are particularly vulnerable during a crisis on the level of this Austin storm. Austin Mutual Aid is raising donations to help book hotel rooms to shelter them. 

Where to Donate/How to Help: 

Donating to Austin Mutual Aid is incredibly simple. You can Venmo donations to them at @austinmutualaidhotels and @austinmutualaid. They’ve also set up a drop-off location for basic items that people need, including hygiene supplies, food donations, and water. Food donations can be taken to Cuatro Gato/Arepa Dealers at 310 Colorado Street. Toiletries and water can be dropped off at Forever Eternal Moments at 207 W. 4th St. Be sure to check-in with them before you swing by, as drop-off hours and specific food donation requests might change! 

Do Good ATX

Do Good ATX gets involved in the community through several non-profit events. In the past, they have been known to address a number of needs, from book drives to toy drives to providing school supplies for kids. Lately, their focus has been on food donations, water, and other essential items during the Austin storm.

Where to Donate/How to Help: 

Do Good ATX is taking donations via Venmo: @dogoodatx. But distributing all these supplies to the elderly and other vulnerable folks in the Texas community takes transportation. Do you have a sturdy car with 4-wheel drive? You can volunteer to help do pick-ups and deliveries. Check-in with the Do Good ATX Facebook page for updates on volunteer driver requests. 

Lifeworks Austin

Lifeworks Austin’s mission, as they put it, is to make homelessness amongst vulnerable youth “rare, brief, and non-reoccurring.” They need help more than ever during this winter weather emergency! 

Where to Donate/How to Help: 

Lifeworks is seeking donations for their cold shelters and advocacy for vulnerable youth. Contributions provide blankets, shelter, food, and more. But beyond the current need, there are continuing opportunities to volunteer as an advocate.