For years we’ve asked ourselves, “what is the ultimate expression of love?” Well here at The Austin Artisan, we say the way to someone’s heart is always through the stomach! Nothing says “You mean the world to me!” quite like waking your loved one up with a tray of scrambled eggs, a personalized note, and a fresh cup of coffee. It’s time to talk about breakfast in bed, and how to make this simple act of service a luxurious experience for any special occasion (including this upcoming Father’s Day!).

Breakfast on a tray sits on a bed.

Where to Start 

There is no shortage of special breakfast in bed recipes: fresh fruit, eggs benedict, fried eggs on toast, avocado eggs with crumbled bacon, even the classic cinnamon roll can bring a smile to someone’s face. But maybe you’re bringing your a-game. Maybe you’ve made the most delicious pancakes drowned in the best maple syrup known to mankind. Kings, emperors, and billionaires may have wept at the first taste of these delicious fried cakes…so there’s no way your dad won’t love ’em!

Well, I hate to be the breaker of breakfast bad news…but there is one way your breakfast in bed efforts can fall flat. If your pancakes are thrown on the plate, and then tossed on your dad’s chest with a “here ya go, dad”, the luxury might be lost on him. How you serve breakfast is just as important as what you serve. If the goal is to make your loved one feel special, regardless of the occasion, then the secret lies in great food, and good presentation, with personalization in spades. So sit back and relax while we present to you some examples of how to make the perfect breakfast in bed. 

Personalization and Presentation 

There are various accouterments that you can use to take what was once a plate next to the bed and turn it into a fun breakfast experience! Here are a couple of examples: 

Serve Breakfast on a Tray: 

○ We know, it seems like a basic rule of thumb but you’d be surprised how something as simple as a tray or a decorative surface can make it seem as though you’ve gone the extra mile. Don’t have a tray? Improvise with a small crate, cutting board, or cheese board. You can even take it a step further with a decorative cloth thrown over the top. 


○ Food doesn’t have to be the only thing your loved one wakes to. Simple knick-knacks such as a small teddy bear, a decorative pillow, or a few wildflowers in a glass act as wonderful little gifts to accompany their meal. 

○ Get creative! Are they super into puzzles? Throw a Rubix cube in the corner, and cover the tray in bold colorful foods. Do they love superheroes? Place two action figures on either side of the tray fighting over the eggs. The sky is the limit! 

Some Specific Examples 

Here are some specific breakfast foods that you can present in fresh and exciting ways! 


Pancakes are great because they can be quick and easy to decorate. Here are some simple and fun ways to take those pancakes up a notch. 

  • Instead of smothering the pancakes in syrup, include a small cream jug filled with syrup on the side, allowing them to decide their syrup preference. 
  • Using knives, cookie cutters, and whatever else you think, shape the pancakes in such a way that they spell out “dad” “mom” or “I <3 you”.
  • Fresh fruit and berries can add a pop of color to your plate. Cut your pancakes into hearts, top with whipped cream, and frame them with fresh strawberries and raspberries.
  • Plate of pancakes topped with strawberries. If your dad is a baseball fan, you can dust the pancakes lightly with powdered sugar, and use strawberry jam or icing to make the pancakes look like baseballs.

Salmon and Cream Cheese on a Brioche Bun 

Let’s change up the pace a bit. So, you found an amazing breakfast in bed recipe: smoked salmon and cream cheese on a brioche bun served with poached eggs.

Delicious it may be, but what about personalization? Where’s the pizzazz to take this special breakfast to the next level? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

  • With just a decorative tray, a bottle of champagne, some orange juice, some fresh fruit, and a personalized note you’ve turned the perfect breakfast in bed into the perfect breakfast or brunch experience. Mimosa’s and a handwritten letter? Sounds like a great mothers day to me! 
  • Recreate a sweet Parisian experience by including a side of french toast with ice cream, a miniature French press filled with their favorite blend of rich coffee, and a small cream jug. This can be presented on a beautiful wooden tray or even a cheeseboard. The rustic charm of this presentation is tray-Magnifique! (We’ll see ourselves out…)

Tray of coffee making accessories.

Good Ole’fashioned Bacon and Eggs with Toast 

An oldie, but a goodie. You’ve fried up some bacon, scrambled some eggs, and popped that toast out of the toaster before slathering on the butter. Now it’s all on the plate…but it looks kind of drab. How to make it something special? 

  • Create a classic diner-style meal with simple decorations. Serve their orange juice in a mason jar and the coffee in a plain mug. Tie a little red ribbon with a bow around the glass of orange juice and roll the cutlery in a napkin. If you can find a miniature red-and-white handkerchief or bandanna to put under the plate you can use that to complete this country-style vignette. 
  • If your loved one has a special place in their heart for international-style cuisine, find the elegance of simplicity using the simple presentation style of Japanese cuisine. Serve your bacon and egg (over easy) on a bed of steamed (or fried!) rice with chopsticks. Include their favorite drinks and sides such as fresh fruit and avocado toast, but arrange the items in small bowls and plates. Go the extra mile by using origami to fold their napkin into their favorite animal! 

Any Occasion Will Do 

These are just a few of many different ideas that you can use to present your loved ones with a personalized breakfast in bed that they’ll never forget. They’re great for any holiday, but you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to justify a luxurious experience. Fresh, delicious gourmet meals are something you can enjoy every day! 

No time to make breakfast? That’s not a problem: reach out today to find out how The Austin Artisan can provide you and your loved one a week’s worth of luxurious gourmet meals! Trust us when we say that our gourmet breakfast dishes will look AMAZING on any plate.