Every New Year, scores of people declare that this is the year they’re going to eat better! But after a few weeks, they’re usually ready to throw in the towel. Although we might blame ourselves for a lack of willpower, I think the problem is rooted in the approach. Food is a source of pleasure, fulfillment, and community; but most diets are so limiting, they become a struggle to maintain—and it’s easy to feel isolated in the process.

I love food, so my perspective is a little different. I don’t believe in weighing and measuring portions, counting calories, or going to bed hungry. I believe that quality recipes, sustainable ingredients, and a little support can go a long way in helping you reach your goals in a way that’s actually enjoyable. Doesn’t that sound a lot more exciting?

Stick to Your Resolutions:

Eat In Season: Fruits and vegetables taste best when they’re in season. So when you shop, select what’s fresh and local in your area. Add layers of flavor to give ordinary sides and salads a whole new look. Think: baked squash with dried cranberries, kale salad with blood-orange dressing, and maple-glazed carrots.

Change It Up: Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Opt for a variety of leafy greens, fresh vegetables, whole-sources of fiber, and ethical animal products. Challenge yourself to try something new each week, and keep your taste buds guessing.

Invite Friends: We all like to be in good company, so ask your friends and family if they want to join in your food resolution this year. It’s great way to stay motivated and on track. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get everyone around the table. Throw a dinner party, featuring fresh ingredients, or take turns hosting a potluck. If your friends are doing it, you will too!

Need some ideas to get you started? Try my Apricot Braised Pork Shoulder… and keep checking this site for our Artisan-approved recipes.