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Hi! I’m Michael Wards, the Executive Chef and Founder of The Austin Artisan. I passionately believe private catering should be just as much about the food as it is about the experience of enjoying it. That’s why we create interactive events that educate and entertain guests while serving delectable meals that always surprise and delight.

Michael Wards, a Personal Chef in Austin Laughing while Preparing Salad in Home Kitchen

How We Can Help

We offer private catering for dinner parties, corporate events,  private flights, girls’ nights, and just about any other event you can dream up. In addition, we provide personal chef  and prepared meal delivery services  that eliminate the stress of planning, cooking, and serving meals that meet your personal preferences and dietary needs.

Chef Michael Wards from The Austin Artisan Plating Food at a Girl's Dinner Party

Why Choose Us

We are committed to supporting local, sustainable vendors and using the freshest seasonal ingredients for healthier, tastier meals. We’re also devoted to what we call, the personalized catering experience, a high-energy, interactive social event that Austin residents consistently rave about.

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3 Plates of High-End Catered Food The Austin Artisan on White Table