Eating Healthy All Year Long

There is something particularly magical about a new year.  It’s time for clean slate and a fresh start.  Each year millions of Americans make big, lofty New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. You may even already consider yourself health conscious, but many of us struggle to keep these resolutions up through the year. I get calls all the time from busy professionals and working parents who simply try to do it all but settle for less due to their hectic lifestyle.

But, what if I told you eating healthy could not only be fun, but also delicious and even time saving? Now I have your attention!

Instead of resolutions, make accessible, realistic goals that lead to long term lifestyle changes. When we create healthy meal delivery options for our clients, we carefully design each dish to be healthy, visually stunning, full of flavor and rich in nutrients.  To get started on the right track, try implementing these simple changes in your daily life to make 2018 your healthiest year yet:

  • Make veggies your main dish. A healthier diet starts with fresh produce–yes, even in winter. Fruits and vegetables deliver vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients. Plus, they are full of protein, so you can get the sense of feeling “full” without the calories.
  • Make a grocery list: When it comes to making healthy eating choices, setting yourself up for success starts at the grocery store. Having a week’s worth of meal plans allows you to hand-pick healthy ingredients; rather than meal prep in a rush. A good piece of advice is to avoid going to the grocery store hungry to prevent impulse-buying junk food or food you don’t need.
  • Serve yourself on smaller plates: Research shows that most people eat about 90 percent of the food in front of them regardless of plate size. Transitioning from a 9-inch dinner plate to an 8-inch dinner plate can make a sizeable difference in how many calories you consume.
  • Cut out sugar-sweetened beverages: Sugary drinks have been linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. For so many, sugar-sweetened beverages occupy about 500 calories a day, which is calorie equivalent to a complete healthy meal.
  • Eat Out Less: Sure, it’s a treat to go out for dinner. However, the average American eats out four times each week, which can add up to 8 pounds of extra weight gain per year. Restaurants add more salt, fats and other rich ingredients than the food you eat when prepared at home. The truth is, many of us pack on the pounds, because we rely on fast food, packaged meals and takeout to provide our primary sustenance. Unfortunately, you’re going to find that these options are full of empty calories, unsavory ingredients and larger portions.
  • Finally, get a meal delivery service—it can be a game changer. A weekly meal plan and delivery service can help you eat better, save money, and time during the week. This type of resolution is positive, and doesn’t involve dieting. Austin Artisan Chef provides a customized approach to your food. Our Personal Chef clients enjoy the time savings and convenience our services offer, and the added benefit of ever-changing menus tailored to their family’s individual wants and needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can match our meal delivery services with your needs and healthy goals.