Want to elevate your Valentine’s Day dinner with romantic foods?

It’s true, food can actually look, smell, and taste romantic. Whether you’re cooking your love a 5-course meal or thinking of preparing some nighttime nosh, there are several foods and recipes that can stimulate your love senses while impressing your sweetie. So, light the candles, put on some soft tunes, and serve-up a scrumptious dish.  These top romantic foods are sure to win the heart of someone special.

Chocolate: You guessed it, chocolate is usually the king of courtship, making it a must-have with your romantic meal. Chocolate is sensual, from its taste to its aroma, and it is versatile. From molten chocolate cake to strawberries dipped in chocolate to cocoa rubbed baby back ribs you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Seafood: Oysters have been considered a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. Probably because they are one of the best sources of romance-boosting zinc. In addition, oily fish– like wild salmon and herring– contain omega-3 fatty acids, linked to spark romance. If you’re a lover of seafood dishes, here are my top three recommendations not to be missed for a truly romantic meal that will sure to impress.

Savory Cheeses: Sharing a fondue pot is a fun and romantic experience. Fondue is such an easy entree to prepare, as long as you keep stirring! Also, you and your sweetie can choose from different dippers—like exotic cheeses or dark chocolates. Did you know there’s a long-standing tradition that states anyone who loses a dipper in the fondue pot has to kiss his or her sweetie?

Chili Peppers: Consider turning up the heat with chilis.  This invigorating spice has an exotic reputation and a bright red color, which could be why it’s considered a symbol of love. Scientist say that chili peppers stimulate endorphins (the brain’s feel good chemicals). For some added spice, chop-up some chili peppers and toss them into stir-fries, soups or stews.

Fresh Citrus: Any member of this tropical fruit family is super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid — all of which are essential to health—and romance. Enjoy a romantic salad that incorporates citrus, like pink grapefruit or mandarin oranges, or use a dressing made with lemon, lime or even kumquats.  Check out our Citrus 101 article for Austin Artisan chef tips.

 Avocados:  It could be the smooth texture, or the rich flavor of the fruit that gave avocadoes its aphrodisiac reputation as far back as the Aztecs.  They’re loaded with minerals, monounsaturated fats (the good kind that protect the heart and lower cholesterol), and vitamin B6—all of which help improve your energy. They are versatile and add tons of flavor and texture to any dish.

Wine: Wine is so romantic because it gives couples an excuse to set aside time for each other. Wine can enhance a romantic meal and sometimes, it doesn’t particularly matter what varietal you choose, just as long as it is one you both enjoy. Want to learn even more about this wonderful elixir? Check out our 5 fun facts about wine

At the Austin Artisan, we believe that food is an experience, it can set the tone, create the mood, and evoke an emotion. We are passionate about crafting customized menus, sourcing fresh and seasonal ingredients, and executing with meticulous detail to offer each client a truly unforgettable experience. Sounds good? Let’s get started!