Know the Difference in a Caterer and Personal Chef

It was once thought that if you wanted to host a truly special event in your home, you should have it catered. Close friends and/or business associates were bound to feel pampered and be impressed by a team of uniformed servers ladling dinner from elegant silver chafing dishes, and sweeping away dirty dishes and glassware while the host mingled. 

But then, in spite of often good food and efficient service, every gathering started to feel the same.  Your private holiday dinner party was strikingly similar to the wedding reception you attended last month, which was very much like the quarterly sales meeting you attended at that big convention hotel.  Nice, but not special.

Those wanting to host a truly unique and memorable private dining event know that hiring a personal chef is the only way to go.

Unlike caterers, who typically prepare most of the food for private events off-site and transport it, along with necessary seating, table linens, dish ware and serving pieces, to your home just prior to your guests arriving, a personal chef kicks it up a definite notch.

Used to creating extremely customized menus for individuals and families on the regular, a personal chef focuses on the intricate details that set your event apart.

At The Austin Artisan, we not only take into account personal flavor preferences and nutritional needs (gluten-free, vegan, organic, Kosher, etc.,) we glean this information in a way that allows us to make your event one to remember. 

Carefully tailored pre-event interviews and flavor profiles familiarize us with your event goals, as well as you and your guests, so our interactions can be especially warm.  This is particularly helpful because our private dining experiences are so interactive, with food prepared onsite and full access to the chef at work, so attendees can experience every aspect of the meal’s creation. 

This peek into the process from sourcing to construction, combined with mouthwatering aromas and a bustling, yet refined atmosphere provides a one-of-kind ice breaker and mood setter, and elevates the whole experience to new heights.

Combined with a perfectly designed menu, specially crafted cocktails and/or desserts, and other touches reminiscent of shared experiences, your guests — whether family, friends from college, or business associates, are guaranteed to engage in relaxed, memorable conversation.

While there is absolutely a place in event planning for both catering and personal chef services, there is also a distinct difference. 

Trust The Austin Artisan to create your next private dining event. You won’t regret, or forget, it.