Why Our Personal Chef Meal Service is Better

Getting meals on the table that are both delicious and nutritious can be a weekday hassle, especially when you’re short on time or tired of cooking the same ole’ thing.

That’s why meal delivery services have seen such a rise in popularity in recent years.

In Austin, we’re fortunate to have many meal delivery options, from nationally franchised companies that will drop your favorite take out on your doorstep to meal kit services that provide attractively boxed ingredients along with detailed preparation instructions. These options are definitely convenient, and usually way healthier than drive-through  window meals. The problem is, these meals and meal kits tend to be a little “cookie cutter,” and lack the personalization and attention to detail they’d have if you had the time (or maybe the skill) to plan and cook innovative meals yourself.

That’s why Austin Artisan’s personal chef-style meal delivery service is so unique. Not only are we dedicated to making your meals as fresh as possible from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, we personalize each meal to your flavor and dietary preferences.

Sure, we could have a standard meal plan like other companies and
modify it to be vegan, paleo or without coconut, mushrooms or other ingredients you don’t like, but we prefer to create individualized meals with what you do want to see on your plate, instead of cutting out what you don’t.

This not only ensures the integrity of the recipes, but that we can accommodate all diets, allergies, likes and dislikes — even for the most particular eaters.

The Artisans cook your meals in our certified commercial kitchen and deliver delicious “reheat and eat” foods right to your refrigerator. There’s no shopping, chopping or cooking at all, and clean up is minimal! It really couldn’t be easier. Or more delicious.

Seriously. You’ll look so forward to dinner.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide healthy meals to hungry Austinites, but we realize that dietary needs and preferences change. If you want to try Keto, discover you have a food sensitivity or other health concern, or your kid no longer likes “red stuff,” we can accommodate you.

No matter how many menu options a meal delivery service claims to offer, nothing beats the versatility or individualization of a personal chef’s menu.

Contact us to complete your flavor profile and get started with Austin Artisan’s personal chef meal service. It’ll take the hassle of dinner prep off the table.