Prepared Meals

Get Meals Made For Your Family & Delivered To Your Fridge By Austin’s Best Chefs

The contemporary American family has an increasingly difficult time eating healthy meals. Sadly, busy families often resort to fast food and other shortcuts that deprive them of nutrients, energy, and time together.

For residents of Downtown and Old West Austin, Tarrytown, Westlake Hills, and the surrounding area, The Austin Artisan has a convenient, highest-quality alternative: personalized and customized weekly meals for the whole family, designed just for you by a personal chef who specializes in seasonal, artisanal dishes.

Our chefs allow you to taste the bounty of each season–giving you the opportunity to enjoy old favorites in new ways. For example, in the autumn, fresh okra, butternut squash, eggplant, turnips, pumpkin, and figs can be integrated into traditional favorites like stew and risotto.

We forget sometimes that it’s not just our bodies that need food. Our brains, too, require fuel and nourishment.

Food should revitalize and inspire you.

Real meals–in-season fruits and vegetables paired with sustainably sourced grains and wild-caught fish, free-range fowl, or grass-raised beef–do wonders to replenish the most complex organ on the planet. True brain food!

This is our gift to you and the best gift you can give to your family.

Speak to one of our artisan chefs now about getting personalized weekly meals delivered right to your refrigerator.

Imagine your family having its own dedicated personal chef who doesn’t even need to step foot in your kitchen. Meals are prepared off-site, leaving you no cleanup.

Your food menu will be crafted around your taste buds, your favorite dishes, and any dietary requirements, allergies, or health concerns you have.

Our weekly prepared meals make a great gift for a family member or friend who is recovering from an illness or injury or a senior citizen whose mobility is limited.

If you’re ready to change the way you or your family eats, build out a food profile. We always follow up within 24 hours and craft your custom menu and experience of unique weekly meals delivered right to your fridge.

Prepared Meals I The Austin Artisan Chef Michael Wards Garnishing Salad with Cauliflower

Ready to get your meal delivery service started? Fill Out Your Food Profile

Meal Delivery. Get it. Gift it.

Busy professionals, and the more kitchen-challenged among us, appreciate how our weekly meal service allows them to put exceptional and nutritious meals on the table without fuss or mess. But don’t keep us to yourselves.

We also make a much appreciated gift for a co-worker who just had a baby, a neighbor recovering from surgery, or an elderly parent who lives alone in the Austin area. We will deliver delicious, chef-prepared meals directly to you or the person of your choosing.  When it’s time for dinner, dinner is done.  It’s that simple!

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