Personal Chef

A Luxurious, Personalized Culinary Experience 

Imagine this…

You’re on vacation and you and your companions just spent a long day out; you return to your fabulously comfortable Airbnb with an incredible sunset view. Then, someone asks the million dollar question: What is the plan for dinner?

You probably don’t feel like trekking back out to get on the waiting list at a noisy restaurant. You also don’t feel like slogging through a crowded store to buy groceries, only to race back to your rental and spend an hour or more cooking, when you should be relaxing.

Personal chef services are an effortless way to ensure you enjoy healthy, from-scratch meals when you’re away from home, while also allowing you to experience Austin, Texas through meals created with local ingredients. Our team of personal chefs—many of whom have trained with the nation’s leading chefs—plan your menu according to your preferences and dietary restrictions, grocery shop, prepare your food, and even handle clean up, so you’re free to enjoy even more quality time with those you love.

Michael Wards, a Personal Chef in Austin Laughing while Preparing Salad in Home Kitchen

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