Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! I’m dusting off my Irish brogue in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, coming up on March 17. In preparation, my culinary team and I have been testing recipes to bring you our favorite Irish-inspired dishes. No matter what your plans are (parades, step dancers, Celtic-music concerts), we recommend serving up a simple, yet elegant feast straight from the Emerald Isle.

First up, we have Shepherd’s Pie—a meat pie topped with a mashed-potato crust. It’s a hearty comfort food that likely developed somewhere in the United Kingdom. Today, however, Shepherd’s Pie has become synonymous with Irish pub-food cuisine. It’s like serving up a bowl full of warmth and comfort, and it pairs perfectly with a pint.

We recommend trying this modern twist from It features bison meat and red wine with a thick topping of creamy mashed potatoes. YUM!

Bison and Red Wine Shepherd’s Pie:

St. Patrick's Day: Bison and Red Wine Shepherd's Pie / Lisa Kerezi

No St. Patrick’s Day party is complete without Irish Soda Bread. It’s a quick bread that uses sodium bicarbonate (aka: baking soda) as the leavening agent instead of yeast. This recipe from Taste of Home is lightly sweetened with a touch of sugar and studded with chewy raisins. The flavors are so versatile; we’ll eat this bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner! All it needs is a kiss of butter and you’re good to go.

Best Irish Soda Bread:

St. Patrick's Day recipe