You know you bought a vacuum sealer; you just don’t know where you put it. That happens! A vacuum sealer is the type of gadget you put on your wedding registry or buy at 3am because you just watched an infomercial, but it’s not something you actually use.

We equate vacuum sealers with keeping food fresh, so it’s really no wonder why it’s seldom put to work. There are hundreds of other storage solutions from glass containers to Ziploc bags. But what if I told you vacuum sealers serve lots of other culinary purposes? Would you consider dusting it off and giving it a spin?

Lately, I’ve been using my vacuum sealer weekly—if not more. I’m kind of obsessed! Especially with summer on its way, I’m finding more and more reasons to break it out and create something unique and delicious. I’d love to help you make the most out of your sealer. If you don’t have one, might I suggest a little shopping trip? Trust me, you won’t regret it…


Vacuum sealers offer the perfect solution for marinating. Because the flavors are locked in, you don’t need to use as much marinade as you normally would. It’s also cleaner, as there’s no risk of it opening and spilling all over your fridge.

Compressed Fruit:

This serves as an awesome conversation piece at dinner parties and BBQs. Compressed fruit is visually stunning, plus you can infuse it with mint and other fresh herbs to intensify the flavors. Check out this compressed Melon Terrine. Your friends will be impressed!

Sous Vide:

Ah, one of my favorite cooking methods. To sous vide is to place a meat or vegetable in an airtight plastic bag and cook it slowly in steam or a water bath. This offers a healthy, even, elegant result. Vacuum sealing your food before heating it ensures that it doesn’t rip or open during the cooking process.

Are you as excited as I am to use your vacuum sealer? Let us know about your vacuum sealing adventures in the comments below or share a picture on Facebook.

PS: I wasn’t paid to write this. I’m just a big fan!


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