There are a lot of meal prep service companies popping up these days. This is, in part, a response to the pandemic. Many are trying to drop the “Quarantine 15” or are just trying to eat healthier (while still staying safe). 

Containers of colorful real food in rows.

National meal delivery companies such as Freshly or Every plate seem to share many things in common with a local meal prep delivery service like The Austin Artisan. They offer chef-prepared meals that are delivered to your door, complete with heating instructions. They save you the time spent going to the grocery store, and you don’t have to worry about meal prep or clean up after. 

So what’s the difference? Well, you’d be surprised. 

Here’s why local meal prep is hands-down the better choice. 

A Healthy Meal Shouldn’t Have to Travel 1000 Miles To Get To You.

While many of the mainstream meal prep delivery services are made by chefs, they still differ in one important aspect: they are usually made in a handful of central places and shipped out nationally from those cities. That means that the odds are, your food still had to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to get to you. 

With fresh-cooked meals from a local chef, your meals didn’t need a train ticket or a plane ticket (plus a car ride!) just to get to you. Not only does this mean the food will taste better, but it saves on fuel, making it more eco-friendly!

Healthy eats pour out of woven bag.

Discover Interesting, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Only a local Texan truly understands Tex-Mex and other cuisines that are so important to our culinary culture. Only Austin-based meal delivery companies know how to cook with local flair. We know that over-cooking a steak is simply the worst of sins. We know that pecans can be found in just about any Texan pantry. And a good batch of homemade or locally-made salsa is an absolute must for any dinner table. We understand what locals like, we know the unique ingredients only Austin has to offer, and we use them all the time in our recipes with expertise that can only be found from, well, a local! 

Man feeds dinner items to woman.

Personal Connection

When you get fresh-cooked meals delivered to your door from The Austin Artisan, the odds are, you will know the chef that cooked that meal. Maybe you’ve spoken with them on the phone. Heck, you might have even seen them on social media cooking that exact meal you are about to enjoy. The point is, we are real humans you can interact with. You don’t have to use a contact form or 1-800 number to reach us. 

The Austin Artisan Personal Chefs.

Keep Money In the Local Economy

For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $73 remains in the local economy. Compare that to the same $100 if you spend it on a non-local business. Only $43 stays in the local economy!

This has a trickle-down effect in many ways. For example, local businesses are more likely to support local charities than big box stores. So if you want to support Austin as a whole, support Austin-based businesses! 

Skyline view of Austin, Texas.

So that’s it, folks! We’ve spelled out the differences between national brands and local meal prep services like The Austin Artisan. We hope that, wherever you live, you will choose to support a local meal delivery company! 

If you are ready to have healthy, balanced meals delivered to your door, and you live in Austin or the surrounding area, we would love to help you! Check out our food profile and get started on a customized meal plan made especially for you and your family’s specific dietary requirements. 

(Not the preferences of the teeming masses.)