Its August and that means summer is winding down, school is starting up soon and the line-up of after school activities is ready to commence.  When life gets hectic and crazy, it’s a constant struggle for families to make time for dinners that are healthy—and stress free.  

Have you considered a meal delivery service?   Get ready to say goodbye to the grocery store, and bon appétit!

Whether you are a busy family of five or a couple juggling demanding careers, meal delivery services are the most convenient way to eat nutritious meals, full of a wide variety of delicious options, that make dinnertime enjoyable.

So many options…
The good news, you have a lot of options when it comes to meal delivery.  Just a quick search online, chances are a dozen names will pop up from Plated to Blue Apron to Hello Fresh. Many of these programs will send you recipes and pre-portioned ingredients each week.  However, these services are “cookie-cutter” and not customized to you.  More so, you will still have to spend about 20-45 minutes cooking the meal—and then you have to wash dishes. Chances are, you want a service that caters to your palate, using only fresh and local ingredients and food that you can heat and eat.   No hassle, recipe cards to follow or a pile of dishes to wash.

Enter The Austin Artisan meal delivery service!
Simply put, there is no sautéing, blending, chopping required or recipe cards to follow.  You simply turn on your oven and heat your meal. In 5-15 minutes, your meal is ready, and you haven’t dirtied a single pot or pan!

The Austin Artisan’s personal chef-style meal delivery service is dedicated to making your meals as fresh as possible from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Each meal is personalized to your flavor and dietary  preferences.   Any meal can also be modified to be vegan, paleo or without coconut, mushrooms or other ingredients you don’t like. All meals are customized for you!  

Eating at home can be a luxury for those with hectic schedules. The Austin Artisan can transform your evening routine into a memorable and enjoyable dinning experience. With fresh, quality, in-season ingredients and ever-changing options, you can enjoy the convenience of plate inspired, chef-prepared meals. No shopping, prepping or know-how needed. Your meals are individually crafted to accommodate your flavor preferences and nutritional needs, and you decide when and how often we deliver your meals. 

Meal delivery services from The Austin Artisan will turn dinnertime into the best part of your family’s day in just 3 simple steps:

1. Fill Out a Food Profile

2. We Craft Your Custom Menu

3. We Deliver Directly to Your Fridge
Let’s get started.