When I was writing the mission statement for The Austin Artisan, I realized how important it was for us to be responsible stewards of the community. To me, that means shopping locally, utilizing seasonal ingredients and minimizing waste.

With Earth Day on its way (April 22), I wanted to share with you just some of the ways we create elegant, eco-friendly affairs. Because you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for Mother Nature. In fact, the more you infuse nature into your ambience, the more beautiful it becomes. That’s why The Austin Artisans think that green is the new black!

Here are 4 ways we keep our parties stylish and sustainable…

Host an Elegant, Eco-Friendly Event

  1. Plate it on a Palm: The Artisans swear by Leafware Plates. The material mimics the look of bamboo, but these plates are actually made from fallen palm leaves. They’re also compostable, liquid/heat safe and a USDA certified biobased product.
  2. Eat Your Serveware: In addition to serving delicious food, we also serve delicious spoons! Edible Asian Spoons are a classy way to present appetizers, while eliminating the need for napkins and plastic serveware.
  3. Shop in Season: The Artisans pride themselves on selecting only the best ingredients, and that means eating in season. Seasonal, local produce is better tasting, easier to source, less costly, more nutritious and in line with the natural harvest cycle. Check out our Spring Produce Guide here.
  4. Compost It: Toss leftover organic waste, such as banana peels, egg shells, food scraps and Leafware Plates, into a compost bag or bin for community pick up or drop off. Alternatively, turn your compost into “black gold” in your garden.

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