Food can set the tone, create the mood and evoke emotion.

  • Personal Chef

    A personal chef from Austin Artisan prepares your food fresh in your home kitchen providing you and your guests with an interactive tasting and dining experience. Exquisitely constructed and plated meals from customized menus are presented with impeccable service for a truly personalized affair – for two or 20 guests.

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    The perfect experience doesn’t stop at the plate.

  • Wine Tasting & Pairing

    As masters in sourcing world-class wines and perfectly pairing them with delicious foods, Austin Artisan knows the right wine is essential to the overall dining experience. Our masterful food and wine pairings elevate any affair, ensuring it won’t be soon forgotten. We also love sharing our appreciation and knowledge of wine with you by transforming your living room into a private tasting room for you and your guests.

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    Hiring a personal chef is not just about the food. It’s also about the relationship.

  • Home Meal Delivery

    Austin Artisan creates chef-prepared meals from menus customized to each client to reflect your family’s nutritional needs, eating style and flavor preferences. We shop, prep and cook delicious dinners made from fresh, quality, in-season ingredients, and deliver them straight to your fridge so dinner is…done!

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