Scrolling through AirBNB and other vacation rentals of the world can be pretty inspiring. You’ve got some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens out there. We’re talking concealed ovens, crystal backsplashes, and luxurious larders. 

And the patio areas? An oasis decked out with swimming pools, cabanas, and a backyard bar. 

Two champagne glasses with strawberries.

If you have been lucky enough to score one of these gorgeous vacation rentals, congratulations! It’s vacay time! But here’s the question….

Do you really want to spend all of that quality relaxation time cooking? 

That luxury kitchen is practically begging for a luxury cooking experience. Have you considered hiring a private chef to cater a dinner event at your vacation rental? 

You Love to Cook. Why Hire A Private Chef For A Dinner Party?

You could spend your precious vacation moments at the local grocery store, filling up your cart and trying to sort out ingredients and recipes for the week. But why not skip the hassle altogether? There’s something truly indulgent about allowing an experienced personal chef to do the cooking for you. 

We know how all those fancy gadgets and gizmos in that gourmet kitchen work (trust us, there isn’t a high-tech kitchen gadget we haven’t met and conquered). Not only that, but we know how to use them to whip up delicious foods that will pair perfectly with that Insta-worthy poolside picture. 

An expert chef from The Austin Artisan team will not only take care of the cooking, but they’ll do it in style. Our chefs will prepare a multi-course meal for you that includes hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, entrees, and desserts. Our exclusive gourmet recipes incorporate wholesome ingredients found from local farmer’s markets and providers (products you simply can’t find at a supermarket chain). And we know how to make ingredients come together in a way that will make your mouth water. 

The Austin Artisan Chef Michael Wards prepares meals for a private catering party.

But that’s not all–hiring a private chef for the night isn’t just a delicious experience. It’s an interactive experience. You’ll get to know the chefs and even learn a thing or two about what we’re cooking. 

How To Hire The Austin Artisan To Cater A Private Dinner for Your Vacation

  1. Take a look at The Austin Artisan’s Instagram page to get a sense of the kind of private catering experiences we can offer. You can stick with a traditional dinner party or if you really want to create a unique vacation experience, think about the space you are working with. Is the architecture inspired by treehouses, or does it exude Mediterranean flair? Is the backyard just begging for a cocktail party with a view? Does the modern art that adorns the walls practically scream for a more elegant wine and cheese affair? We’ll craft a culinary experience that creates a mood. An Austin Artisan chef prepares a catered meal for a themed private dinner party with orange and autumnal festive colors.
  2. Give us a call at (512) 436-2401 and tell us what you are looking for in your private party event. Feel free to use your imagination here, and don’t forget to let us know your specific taste preferences! Remember, we love to get creative. We recently catered a murder mystery party for a client here in Austin, and it was definitely a crowd-pleaser! Let us know if there are any specific themes, local ingredients, or cuisines you want to try out.The Austin Artisan loves to use local, seasonal ingredients in our recipes, like this salad bundle full of fresh farmer’s market produce.
  3. Put in your request as soon as possible, especially if your vacation falls around one of the popular holiday seasons when chef calendars are getting booked up. We recommend putting in your request for a private catered dinner at least 3 weeks in advance.
  4. Make sure you share the details of your vacation rental with your team of chefs ahead of time. The better we know the kitchen setup, the better we can utilize our culinary chops and put together the perfect dinner party menu for you! 
  5. The pricing for hiring a chef for a private dinner party includes everything from grocery shopping to delivery to set up and cleanup (aka a spotless kitchen), so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just let us know what your dream dinner party looks like, set a date, and we will take care of the rest!