What’s a little spicy, a little sweet and 100% stylish? The Austin Artisan Hibiscus Mint Mojito! As the year comes to a close, we’re toasting to a deliciously successful 2016. And in the process, we’ve reimaged everyone’s favorite cocktail for the festive season.

Our Hibiscus Mint Mojito is kissed by that quintessential winter-mint flavor, with a kick of ginger and a touch of sweetness. Unlike a typical mojito, hibiscus lends an herbal essence—and ravishing red hue—that puts a holiday spin on a Cuban classic.

If you’re planning a dinner or celebration, you’ll want to add this one to the menu. You can fill out the bar with beer, wine and spirits, or you can serve this singular cocktail, prepared to perfection. Make your life even easier by mixing a large batch. Label it, and let your guests pour over ice as they please.

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Hibiscus Mint Mojito

Serves 1

All It Takes

Tito’s Vodka to taste
4 oz. Nile Valley Hibiscus Mint Tea
2 oz. white grape juice
1 bottle Maine Root Ginger Beer 

Let’s Get Mixing

  1. In a Collins or Highball glass, mix vodka, tea and juice over ice.
  2. Top with the beer. Adjust juice and beer to taste to achieve the right balance of sweet and spice!

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