I’m definitely known for my love of kitchen gadgetry and culinary tools. But over the past few weeks, I realized that what every chef really needs is a strong, healthy back. You don’t think about it until you injure yourself or it just goes out without warning.

I’ve been working long days and neglecting all the things I know I should be doing, like stretching and getting massages. When we’re busy, the first thing we tend to forget about is taking care of ourselves. Just ask yourself, “when was the last time I…” and then fill it in with something you enjoy, like “read a book or took a yoga class?” If you can’t remember, you may need to make a few changes—or get a little help.

I started to see a massage therapist and vowed to make stretching a priority. I also have a great staff that I can rely on to help me when things go pear-shaped. As for food, I know that healthy meals are the most beneficial to my aching body. When homemade, they taste better and are easier than ordering takeout—but just as satisfying.

Next time you need dinner in a pinch, forget about delivery and treat yourself to one of these…

3 Healthy Takeout Recipes

This Malabar Prawn Curry dish from Jaime Oliver is full of flavor and cooks in about 25 minutes. Figuring out what I want to order takes longer than that!

Bobby Flay loves to grill as much as we do. Check out his Skirt Steak Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa. Seasonal, flavorful summer cookin’.

Our General Tso’s Chicken hits the spot. It’s features an authentically thick and rich sauce that tastes every bit as decadent as you’d expect. The best part? It’s gluten free.

We know that quick recipes are great. But if you’re still struggling to get healthy meals on the table, call us to learn more about our Personal Chef services and let us help you.


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