Springtime is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only are the days longer and warmer, but early spring is a perfect time to kick-start your garden to create fresh and healthy meals for your family. Food-wise, I must say, that few things bring as much joy than serving a meal straight from my garden.

Easy gardening does exist. With some basic knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment, a plot of land can be transformed into a beautiful garden—and  A rewarding hobby. Here’s a list of my top picks of what to plant in springtime that are easy to grow and maintain.

A peppery addition to any plate, arugula grows quickly — in a few week’s time. Arugula doesn’t love hot weather and gets quite bitter if grown when it’s steaming hot outside. Plant arugula as danger of frost is over, and begin to sow once a week or every two weeks to keep a constant supply.

There’s nothing like a freshly picked, ripe tomato from your garden. Gardeners can grow a variety of small- and large-fruited tomatoes. They do require large, sturdy cages and fruit over a long period of time. Enjoy your fresh tomatoes in salads, on sandwiches and sliced or cooked and added to countless fresh meals for your family.

Enjoyed fresh in a salad or preserved as pickles, cucumbers mature quickly and are best suited to larger gardens. They can also be grown in small areas if the plants are caged or trellised.

Glossy, purple skin is the hallmark of this crop. The incredibly versatile eggplant works in everything from Italian to Asian recipes. Try growing eggplants in raised beds, which heat up quickly in spring. Plants given plenty of room are healthier and more productive,

Peppers are a warm-season crop that will grow in most Texas areas. Peppers are good raw or cooked. Eat them as a snack, use them to decorate food, or add them to salads and casseroles.

While strawberries can be grown for several years, they perform best when grown as an annual plant. Spring-bearing varieties are the best adapted for most regions of Texas. Ever-bearing strawberry varieties do not fruit well under hot summer conditions.

And don’t forget to plant fresh herbs!  Herbs are what makes a dish sing. Top an ordinary steak with Basil-Mint Chimichurri and you’ve turned a weekend BBQ into a 5-star experience. Check out my list of top herbs to plant in your garden this spring:

Mexican Mint

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