In spite of some remaining chilly Texas weather forecasts, spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole new selection of colorful, in-season fruits and vegetables. Asparagus, avocado, greens of all kinds, red radishes and strawberries, purple carrots and tri-color beets will soon add a rainbow of color to the produce section of your favorite market.

But wait – hasn’t a lot of this stuff been in grocery stores for months?

Just because many of these fruits and veggies are available year ‘round, doesn’t mean they’re in season, which is when they’re most plentiful, most cost effective, and at peak texture and flavor.

Produce grown out of season, generally relies on the assistance of “modern agricultural practices” like pesticides, waxes and preservatives to not only allow them to grow in their off season, but maintain a fresh in-season appearance. For obvious reasons, these techniques don’t always line up with our efforts to eat clean.

Research shows that the nutritional content of a food can vary depending on the season in which it is grown and actually decrease the longer it sits after harvest. Long transport times across the country (or further) from in season locations to local markets can mean your healthy food choices may not be as nutrient dense as you think.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially when grown close to home, retain more of their nutrients and antioxidants making them the naturally healthier choice.

At Austin Artisan we believe that eating with nature’s cycles is not only healthier, better for the environment and more supportive of our local farmers, it allows us to offer our clients seasonal variety in their meals.

We pride ourselves on preparing and delivering healthy meals comprised of the freshest in-season produce available from local vendors who practice sustainable farming. In fact we strive to ensure our foods come from within 150 miles of Austin to bring you nutrient-dense produce harvested at the peak of freshness. We shop from many of the same Hill Country growers and farmers that supply our wonderful ATX farmers markets with sustainably grown fruits and vegetables and humanely raised meat options and dairy products.

If you would like to serve healthy meals made from locally grown, in season produce, but don’t have the time to shop, chop and cook, let Austin Artisan take the hassle out of weekday meal prep. Our delivery service can help you eat better, and save money and time. Contact us to get started.