Ditch the Hawaiian Shirts: Connect Your Team with a Cooking Challenge

by Chef Wards

You’ve exhausted every team building activity in the corporate book, but your group still seems like strangers. You’ve even tried bringing back Hawaiian shirt day, only to be met with reluctant groans. Nothing’s working. What’s left to try?

Cooking activities can be a game changer for companies in all kinds of industries. Whether it’s an interactive class or competition, cooking has a way of bringing out people’s enthusiasm and problem-solving skills. It can be challenging or easy, but it gives everyone a chance to participate and get to know one another. Conversations become a no-brainer. Don’t know what to talk about? Talk about the food!

The Austin Artisan specializes in hosting corporate groups, meaning we’ll be there to facilitate the fun from start to finish. To instill a little competitive edge in your group, consider signing up for a cooking competition. Even if some team members don’t have much experience in the kitchen, we’ll make sure the tasks are suited to all levels. One of our pro chefs will offer tips and tricks, and you’ll get ample time to try the food.

If you think your team would benefit from something more low-key, our interactive cooking classes are designed for such an experience. We use seasonal ingredients, teach practical skills, and encourage socializing and connection among team members. And, of course, everyone will get a chance to sample the dishes.

Culinary chops and new friends at the office? Who wouldn’t want that?

We guarantee that a cooking class or competition will be an experience your team won’t soon forget–and neither will you. No more agonizing over the next team building activity. No more awkward office parties starring yet another sheet cake. And best of all, you can leave the lion’s share of the planning to us.

Hang up the Hawaiian shirt (or better yet, give it away) and contact us to set up a cooking challenge or class for your group. It’ll leave everyone talking and connected long after the event has finished.

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