Private Aircraft Catering

Private Aircraft Catering That Elevates Your Company Culture Into The Sky

Private aircraft catering is a logical upgrade for every company that regularly charters private flights. In addition to saving time, increasing productivity, and reaching more destinations, private jets allow companies to customize travel time and bring their company culture along for the journey with in-air boardrooms and amenities.

Our private aircraft catering experience is the consummate onboard amenity for companies that prioritize personalized mile-high meal service.

Everyone knows that commercial flights don’t have the best food, and often private flights aren’t much better–until you fly with us. Our refined private aircraft catering ensures your passengers enjoy fresh and delicious meals that inspire and delight while energizing you for a busy day ahead.

Private Aircraft Catering I The Austin Artisan Fancy Bowl of Wild Mushroom Soup with an Everything Cracker, Olive Varietals, and Sunchoke Chips