Girls’ Events

Turn Ladies’ Night Into an Unforgettable Celebration

Few nights are more fun and memorable than a night spent with your favorite ladies.

Whether we’re talking bachelorette parties, cocktail parties, baby showers, bridal showers, or a special birthday with the girls, we provide personalized private catering experiences unlike anything else.

Every event we manage can be made as interactive as your group desires. Whether you’ve got a wild bunch that wants an interactive dinner show while sipping hibiscus mint mojitos or you’re more in the mood for an intimate backyard dinner party that centers around meaningful connections, we’ve got you covered.

Our chefs love being both chef and entertainer, which means you can relax while hosting a very special party.

At your private catering affair, your guests will be invited to experience not only a fabulous meal but also the actual construction of the meal on-site—allowing for exciting conversation and even sneak tastes.

Once dinner is ready, Michael will introduce each course and talk to your guests about the sourcing of the meal and the flavor combinations, including how the texture and flavor elements in the food and drinks interact with one another.

No matter what type of event you’re planning—be it festive bachelorette parties, cocktail parties or a girls’ getaway weekend—we can perfectly match the tone, theme, and ambiance with a carefully designed menu and engaging guest interactions that create an exciting experience you’ll talk about for years.


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