Dinner Parties

Turn Dinner Parties Into Intimate Culinary Experiences

We offer unique, non-traditional catering that Austin locals enthusiastically prefer for their dinner parties and private catering.

Our trained team transcends your standard private catering service. We orchestrate a high-end culinary experience that is perfectly harmonious with and inspired by the tastes and personalities of you (the host) and your guests.

Our chefs custom design for you a multi-course menu with specially crafted hors d’oeuvres ,cocktails, entrees, and desserts.

Your evening’s menu–as well as the flow and aesthetic of the service itself–is carefully planned so that it thematically and emotionally resonates with your guests and your shared histories and intertwined life experiences.

Schedule a complimentary phone call with a private catering specialist to discuss your next dinner party (even if you have no idea what you really want).

The nature of dinner parties is incredibly varied–and that’s how it should be. With us, it’s all about facilitating a unique and memorable experience.

In a New York Times op-ed called “The Art of the Dinner Party,” a writer claimed that dinner parties are “about what is said, not what is eaten.”

Now we believe what is eaten is obviously very important, but if catering Austin dinner parties has taught us anything, it’s that these evenings are just as much about intimate, meaningful social experiences as they are eating food. We leave you with an indelible memory of your dinner party that you’ll be talking about for years to come–so it really is about what is said!

Our job is to help create an environment that is conducive to sizzling conversation (and sizzling skillets).
Our high-end, private catering service allows you and your guests to interact with the chef’s meal preparation and learn about the ingredients and cooking process. Our sommelier-trained chefs encourage luscious tastings of both food and wine while providing entertaining anecdotes about local and regional fare.

Imagine if your dinner parties could capture the interactive experience of being the prized special guests at a sushi bar, attended to by a festive chef who will serve you any food you want.

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