When you were a kid, you probably thought your parents and grandparents were invincible. Then you got older, and you started to see another wrinkle or two appear on their face. More doctor visits, maybe a surgery or two, increased health problems started to surface, and you finally faced the dreaded reality… 

Your favorite superheroes were getting older. 

You want so much to take care of them. But between worldwide pandemics or even commuting from another state, it can be hard to keep tabs on even the people we love the most. It can be even harder to keep track of what they are eating. 

Senior woman eats birthday cake alone.

But consider this eye-opening fact. Older people love to eat fast food, according to a CDC study. This makes sense. As bones begin to ache more and bodies tend to get creakier, grocery shopping becomes far less appealing. It’s easier to resort to easier options. Unfortunately, those easier options often come in a plastic bag that’s steeped with grease stains. 

Worst of all, it’s full of all sorts of things you’d rather your loved ones not eat. 

Keep Loved Ones Healthy with Meal Delivery Service for Seniors 

You probably cringe at the idea of your loved ones eating fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and other fatty foods from the local fast food joint every day. Yet you can’t think of what else to do. Perhaps you have a business to run or kids to wrangle and are already overloaded with an endless to-do list. Perhaps you don’t even eat well yourself. You wish you could do the cooking for your family but simply don’t have the time

You try to come up with other solutions. How about loading them up with the healthiest frozen dinners you can find at the grocery store? Yet, even the best brands are often chock full of yucky ingredients, not to mention preservatives and chemicals. You realize frozen dinners aren’t a great idea either.

The Austin Artisan has good news. The best solution for your dilemma might be meal delivery for seniors

Senior woman eats delicious food.

How Meal Delivery Helps Seniors 

Prepped meal delivery tastes better and is far more nutritious. 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “old people food.” I bet I can guess. It’s probably something along the lines of tuna casserole, prunes, pudding, and lima beans. In short, bland, mushy, and boring. 

There’s no question that older folks have a bit of a reputation for eating foods that are just plain blah. The Austin Artisan wants to change all of that with meal delivery for seniors. Think healthy meals rich in Vitamin B, calcium, and other nutrients that are particularly important for people over age 50, and also taste good. Or what about Austin’s wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, sourced right here in Texas, that provide vital nutrients and minerals that you can never get from a can?

In other words, meal delivery service that’ll make them go yummmm. 

Seniors meal delivery provides good nutrition, like these healthy food examples.

Premade meals are easy to cook. 

What about popular meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron or Home Chef, you might ask? They send everything a person needs to make a healthy dinner, don’t they?  Problem solved!

But hold up.  There’s a reason to consider meal services for seniors instead. First of all, think about all of those heavy boxes meal delivery kits come delivered inside. Then there’s the hour or so it takes to prep and cook the actual meal. 

That’s not even accounting for the dishes! 

The prepped meals made by The Austin Artisan for our senior meal delivery are designed to simply reheat and eat. You don’t need fancy cutlery; there’s no sautéing, slicing, dicing, or prepping required. You simply pop your meal in the oven and it’s ready to go in minutes. The best part is, you don’t end up with a pile of dishes to place in the dishwasher. 

And the food itself? It’s prepared by gourmet chefs and lovely crafted with your loved one in mind. Even the most finicky eaters are sure to find them delicious. 

Prepared meals are easy to cook and require no clean-up after.

Meal delivery is a fantastic way to show love from afar. 

During the pandemic, we witnessed the extremely creative ways people showed love and care for their loved ones they couldn’t see in person. From birthday signage in the front yard to drive-by celebratory honkings, just about everyone was eager to find new ways to connect. 

But if food has a certain soul to it, then home-delivered meals might be one of the best gifts you can give. Every day, your grandma, grandpa, or aging parent will have a delicious meal to eat. And while they are eating it, they will remember that you gave it to them. In some small way, you can share the joy of food with them, and in that tiniest of ways, be there with them. It’s not quite the same as sitting at the dinner table with them. But it’s pretty powerful stuff…

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most diseases that senior citizens suffer from are the effects of a poor diet. You can help fend off many cancers, heart disease, and other illnesses with complete meals and improved nutrition. 

Gifting meal delivery for seniors might be one of the best things you can do for your loved ones this year. If you live in the greater Austin area, including Westlake, Downtown, Tarrytown, Lakeway, Bee Caves, Cedar Park or Round Rock, we would love to help you. We’ll craft a meal plan that takes care of your most cherished loved ones, whether that be gram and gramps, or mom and dad, or maybe even a cherished older aunt, uncle, or friend. 


We will deliver healthy, nutritious meals that are easy for them to prepare, and are far healthier than any frozen dinner. Plus, they’ll have the daily reminder that you care for them, and if that isn’t life-giving, I don’t know what is. 

To get started, check out our food profile and give us an idea of the unique situation your loved one might be facing, including any dietary restrictions or taste preferences. We’ll do the rest of the work, crafting a weekly meal delivery service that’s perfectly suited to your situation.