I know that the biggest concern people have when hiring a Personal Chef is price. You may associate our services with mansions, Corvettes and Kardashians. But the truth is, Personal Chefs are becoming as common as any modern service provider. From dog walkers to house cleaners, it’s no secret that we could all use a little hand.

As a chef, it’s my goal is to help people eat better without all the stress. In fact, I have 2 distinct goals:

  1. Save my clients time
  2. Save my clients money

I know you’re skeptical, so let me break this down…

Save Money

Going out to eat is the usual fallback when you don’t have time to cook. Sure, you can grab something cheap, like a Big Mac, but we all know that’s not a sustainable or healthy solution. So, you take your family to a restaurant with the hope that you can order something somewhat nutritious.

According to the Department of Labor, a couple will spend about $40-$45 at a mid-range restaurant. Families will spend about $65. But who only orders a simple meal when they go out to eat? My guess is you’ll also get some extra sides, a bottle of wine and an apple pie, which will only drive up the price.

When you work with The Austin Artisans, you can get enough food for the week and it’s customized to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. When it comes to ingredients, we go local as much as possible, and strive to support the community through our purchasing decisions.

The best part? I offer meal plans for as low as $16.25/portion, which includes an entrée and a side. Imagine eating a meal that was prepared just for you and it costs less than a mediocre plate at an average restaurant!

Save Time

Money savings are great, but time is really the most valuable commodity. On average, people spend about 7 hours preparing their meals every week. What would you do if you didn’t have to menu plan, grocery shop, cook or wash dishes?

We take care of all of that for you. Plus, we cook out of a commercial kitchen and deliver your meals right to your refrigerator. No online ordering and no messy kitchen—just real good food. It’s that simple.

So to answer your question, can I afford a Personal Chef?

I’d say, you can’t afford not to hire a Personal Chef! Contact The Austin Artisans and see how we can help you save time and money. Click to learn more about our Personal Chef Services, or fill out our Food Questionnaire to get started.