Do certain foods and flavors transport you back in time to a special memory? For me, the intense flavor of Hatch green chiles instantly brings me back as a child visiting my grandmother in El Paso, Texas.  It is undeniable that taste and memory are inextricably bound—evoking emotions and creating unforgettable experiences.

When hiring a catering service, the motivation should not just be about feeding your guests. It should also be about the experience. As a chef, my mission is to redefine the way people think about food, because food can set the tone, create the mood and the ultimate guest experience.  This is the cornerstone of each event the Austin Artisans caters.

It is an honor to be invited to plan a boutique catering event and provide our clients and their quests with delicious food, presented beautifully and served impeccably.  Our boutique catering services take your special gathering leaps beyond the food preparation. Here’s how we differ from traditional caterers.

Personalized & Customized Experience:
What is so special about boutique catering is that the menu is tailored to you! No matter your dietary restrictions, likes or dislikes, we can create a menu that is a perfect fit for your gathering. With Austin Artisans, each event starts with a personalized consultation to discuss the theme, the guest of honor and other important details that will help create a lasting experience.  What flavors around the world do you love? Is there a certain cuisine style you prefer? What about dietary restrictions, ingredients to avoid or those to highlight? Then we want to know fun stories about your guests, special memories, and other ideas to inspire us to create a memorable menu—making the event even more unique.

Interactive Experience:
Is your kitchen the main gathering spot for dinner parties?  Austin Artisan chefs encourage your guests to come gather around the kitchen and watch us prepare each meal, ask us questions, and participate in a lively dialogue.  Unlike a traditional catering service, we won’t show up with every dish already cooked.  When quests arrive that’s when we may sear the steaks or complete the finishing touches to a savory sauce. We can explain our techniques, discuss where we source certain foods, and share pro-chef tricks your guests can use in their own kitchen.

Intimate Experience:
How do you make an ordinary dinner a memorable one? I think about this a lot. When planning menus, The Austin Artisans aren’t just interested in feeding people; we’re interested in providing an intimate experience. We specialize in catering small events, less than 20 people, providing the opportunity to craft plated, multi-course, progressive dinners or even custom cocktail parties. From molecular gastronomy to infused oils, we offer the true upscale dining and chef experience that you will remember for years to come.

It’s time to make lasting memories! Whether you are hosting a graduation party or family reunion or an intimate party, we’ve got you covered.  Contact The Austin Artisans for boutique catering, private party, and formal event catering services today.