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Setting the Mood with Romantic Foods

Want to elevate your Valentine’s Day dinner with romantic foods? It’s true, food can actually look, smell, and taste romantic. Whether you’re cooking your love a 5-course meal or thinking of preparing some nighttime nosh, there are several foods and recipes that can stimulate your love senses while impressing your sweetie. So, light the candles, […]

11 Countdown to Christmas Party Planning Steps

Throw a Memorable Celebration without Losing Your Christmas Spirit! Entertaining guests this holiday season? Need tips to pull-off a stress-free gathering? To help you make your holiday gatherings extra-special, the Austin Artisan is brimming with festive ideas to help you prepare a grand, celebratory meal. Whether throwing an elegant holiday get-together or intimate cocktail party, […]

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How to Plan a Multi-Course Meal

You’ve just enjoyed a multi-course meal at your favorite restaurant and now you want to prepare one at home. I’m not surprised; everyone loves a coursed meal. Thomas Keller, famed restaurateur and owner of The French Laundry, explains that flavors are heightened during the first few bites of a dish. Eventually “flavor saturation and palate […]

How to Preserve Your Hatch Green Chiles

There are a ton of vegetables in-season right now: eggplant, green beans, okra… but our favorite by far is Hatch green chiles. Named for the region of New Mexico that they’re grown in, these peppers lend their signature heat-meets-sweet flavor to summertime meals.   Here at The Austin Artisan, we love using Hatch chiles in […]

The Secret to Perfect Spring Lamb for Easter Brunch

Did you know that lamb is a seasonal food item, much like watermelon or sugar snap peas? This tender meat is most abundant in spring. That’s because lambs are usually born in winter and sold in spring. As they graze on the new shoots of grass in March and April, their meat becomes sweeter. Roasted […]

3 Seafood Dishes to Eat This Spring

Outdoor dining season has begun here in Austin, Texas, and there’s nothing I like better than sitting outside with my wife after dinner, listening to music and watching my daughter play. What we eat on these nights tends to vary, but seafood dishes are among my favorites in the spring. They’re light, fresh and pair […]

Knife Skills Spotlight: The One Cut Every Cook Should Know

Knife skills are one of the most essential topics chefs learn in culinary school—and for good reason. Cutting vegetables, fruit and meat properly and in uniform pieces doesn’t only provide visual appeal. It ensures even cooking when all the pieces of food are the same size, and it evenly distributes flavor and texture throughout. One […]

Elevate Your Next Party with Celery Root Espuma

Celery root (also known as celeriac) is one of the most overlooked and underutilized vegetables in the produce section. Most people skip over it not because they dislike it, but because they have no idea what it looks like or what to do with it. If you’ve never seen a celery root, it’s a roundish […]

Ditch the Hawaiian Shirts: Connect Your Team with a Cooking Challenge

You’ve exhausted every team building activity in the corporate book, but your group still seems like strangers. You’ve even tried bringing back Hawaiian shirt day, only to be met with reluctant groans. Nothing’s working. What’s left to try? Cooking activities can be a game changer for companies in all kinds of industries. Whether it’s an […]

How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time

Ah, the quest for perfect poached eggs. How many times have you driven your fork into that puffy egg white on your Benedict and been disappointed to find no thick orange yolk spilling around the plate? Indeed, out of all the ways to cook an egg, poaching may be one of the most difficult techniques […]


5 Fun Facts About Wine

5 Fun Facts About Wine (You Never Knew) We often hear that wine is a great source of antioxidants and may have positive heart-health effects. And it seems there’s always some new study suggesting wine is good for us in surprising ways. In my years of experience in the food and wine industry, there have […]

Why We Give Back to the Austin Community (and a Personal Story from Chef Wards)

This post may be a little different than what you’re used to seeing on The Austin Artisan blog. As a small business owner, I believe it is my duty to be a responsible steward of the Austin community. Since I started my business, I have been committed to helping those who are less fortunate, particularly […]

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