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How to Throw a Social Distancing Party

We’re all a little new at this post-lockdown pandemic new normal. Businesses are opening up, but people are more or less venturing out with a healthy dose of trepidation. It also yields a whole host of unanswered (and often unanswerable) questions: When you do see friends again, do you hug? Do you shake hands with […]

molecular gastronomy pouring green foam over salad

Molecular Gastronomy: Tarragon Oil Foam

It’s been a long time since we’ve shared one of our molecular gastronomy recipes. While some applications require special equipment and/or training, with a few simple ingredients (and an unconventional ingredient or two from Amazon) you can take your presentation up a few notches with molecular gastronomy at home! With everyone dutifully following shelter-at-home policies, […]

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Intimate Dinner at Home

There’s a difference between staying in to “Netflix and chill” and creating a wonderful night out at home. You can take your weekend at-home evenings beyond snuggles and popcorn with just a little extra effort. While a special occasion often begs going out, staying in can be just as special, whether you’re getting over a […]

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How to Plate Like a Personal Chef

Plate at Home Like a Personal Chef When it comes to any dining experience, we feast with our eyes before even picking up a fork. There’s nothing better than when the server sets down a perfectly plated dish and getting that “wow” effect right before you dig in. While you may not have honed your […]

Thanksgiving Checklist

Your Complete Thanksgiving Checklist

Putting together a big meal like Thanksgiving dinner is all about the planning. Stay organized and keep track of everything you need with our Thanksgiving Checklist. For anyone who’s hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, you know that it isn’t easy—and you can’t put it together at the last minute. This a food-centric holiday that requires advance […]

The Ultimate Personal Chef Experience in Austin

Soon, over 600,000 people will be flocking to the Capital City to attend Austin City Limits Festival, Formula 1, and Austin Film Festival to name a few popular annual events. If you’re visiting, perhaps you just booked a house on Lake Austin with Airbnb that has an amazing outdoor dining area.  Or maybe it’s a […]

Autumn Vegetables to Delight Your Dinners

Autumn in Texas arrives with a tremendous welcome.  It brings the long-awaited respite from a heat-scorched summer, and a season filled with excitement for what’s ahead.  Football, cool mornings, turning leaves, and for me—anticipating the bounty of fall vegetables that The Austin Artisan uses in our meal delivery services: okra, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, beets, patty […]

Kick-Start Your Fall with Personalized, Chef-Style Meal Delivery Services!

Its August and that means summer is winding down, school is starting up soon and the line-up of after school activities is ready to commence.  When life gets hectic and crazy, it’s a constant struggle for families to make time for dinners that are healthy—and stress free.   Have you considered a meal delivery service?   […]

delicious looking BBQ on a grill

Grilling Tricks & Tips for the Best BBQ!

Summer, it’s the time when the heat rolls in, grass tends to die, and the backyard grill is rolled out of the shed and dusted off. Nothing beats a good BBQ, and for all home chefs out there, summer is the perfect time to show off your skills with the grill. The only question is […]

Cook Summer Family Dinners Everyone Will Love!

Summer is a wonderful season– a time to get out of your regular routine and enjoy summer family dinner time with some mouthwatering seasonal foods!

Why Family Dinnertime is More Important Than Ever

Growing up, did your mom put dinner on the table five or six nights a week, complete with a salad, place mats and ironed cloth napkins?  Times have changed. Today, with working parents, long commutes, and children’s sports and homework that stretch into evening – there is not always a simple recipe for making family […]

Planning a Private Dining Event?

Know the Difference in a Caterer and Personal Chef It was once thought that if you wanted to host a truly special event in your home, you should have it catered. Close friends and/or business associates were bound to feel pampered and be impressed by a team of uniformed servers ladling dinner from elegant silver […]

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