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The Texas Storm Hit Austin Hard. Luckily, We’re Austin Strong.

Texas is a state known for rodeos, armadilloes, Tex-Mex, and hospitality. But recently, we’ve made national headlines for something much less charming: a winter storm that has wreaked utter havoc. From freezing temperatures to power outages to a food crisis, and so much more, Texas has been dealt quite a wallop.  As the Austin storm […]

Prepared Meals Delivery vs. Personal Chef vs. Private Chef. Which is best for you?

When I tell people I am a chef, sometimes their eyes widen. They have this image of me whirling around palatial mansions in one of those tall chef’s hats, slicing up vegetables and tossing them in the air like a circus performer. While it’s true that working with dozens of utensils all at once might […]

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Austin

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. Even if you can’t agree on one of the most divisive holidays of the year, there is one thing we can all agree on. Everyone loves a good meal.  So with that in mind, we are rounding up a few of our favorite romantic […]

Top 10 Most Popular Romantic Foods (According to Data)

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the traditional holiday of lovers. From cupid’s arrow to candy hearts to candlelit dinners, there’s just something about this time of year that brings out the swoon-worthy side in all of us.  Wait, did someone just say “candlelit dinner?” From drippy candles to sappy music, there’s just […]

At Home in Austin: 6 Valentine’s Day Activities

Re-imagine Austin as the most romantic city on Earth with these Valentine’s Day activities.  Valentine’s Day might be one of the most divisive holidays in existence. You either love it, or you hate it. If you fall into the “loving it” category, you might still be loving it a bit less this year. After all, […]

4 Tips to Keep that New Year’s Diet on Track (that Don’t Feel Like Another Diet Plan)

A walk down the supermarket snack aisle is an incredible sight. The sheer amount of potato chip flavors is overwhelming, not to mention the double-stuffed cookies oozing with delicious filling. No wonder finding an easy-to-stick-to weight loss plan is about as likely as finding a unicorn.  You already know the problem with all of this […]

7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Chef for Your Holiday Party

7 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Chef for Your Holiday Party

With holiday gatherings fast approaching, you may be considering whether or not to cater an intimate meal or spend your time in the kitchen cooking and preparing lavish courses of food to feed the family and friends with whom you’ve chosen to spend the holidays. Before you start Googling recipes or writing out a shopping […]

What Are Comfort Foods and Why Do They Work?

What Are Comfort Foods, and Why Do They Work?

Smell and taste are our most emotional senses, and really, it’s the smells of our childhood that have the most profound imprint on our lives. The aroma of your favorite childhood dish stirs fond memories. For instance, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies may bring to mind a cherished loved one baking in the kitchen.  The term […]

5 Reasons to Continue Prepared Meal Services Post-Pandemic

5 Reasons to Continue Prepared Meal Services Post-Pandemic

Life changed on a dime for all of us, and it doesn’t look like it’s going back to normal anytime soon. With 42% of us working from home, and studies predicting a need for a degree of social distancing into 2022, prepared meal delivery services will continue as a viable option for busy households. #1. […]

Making the Best of Difficult Decisions

2020 has been a year of stress, challenges, hope and unity. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our business this year and with every challenge we have faced during all this craziness, we’ve always been able to remain centered around our brand mission. We do more than just serve food; we build connections between […]

meal prep services tomato sauce in a cast iron pot with herbs around it

A Recipe, From Our Garden to Yours

Is it just us, or is this a really good tomato year in Texas? Like really good. We’re up to our eyeballs in tomatoes, to be honest. And so it goes with the onslaught of tomato recipes. A simple gazpacho is the go-to, particularly if your garden is also yielding an abundance of cucumbers. We love gazpacho […]

quarantine 15 healthy meal

Staying Healthy in a Post Covid World

“Quarantine 15” doesn’t just rhyme; as we all obeyed our shelter-in-place orders for the better part of 2 months many people have emerged with slightly tighter pants. It’s not that surprising; the uncertain times have been perpetually unsettling at best, leading to a lot of anxiety and stress. When we’re stressed, we reach for comfort […]

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