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4 Ghoulishly Good Traditional Halloween Foods For A Deliciously Spooky Dinner

The old saying by Ray Bradbury says, “Something wicked this way comes…” But when Halloween comes around at The Austin Artisan, we give the old saying a different twist altogether. Something delicious this way comes. In homage to the spookiest season of the year, we’re talking about some of our favorite traditional Halloween foods. Add […]

2021 Halloween Catering Menu

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And to celebrate, our very own Chef Kori has switched out her chef’s hat for a wizard’s hat (just in time for October). She’s whipped up a host of creative recipes you have to taste to believe. We’re talking some culinary hocus-pocus the likes of which you’ve never […]

Halloween Charcuterie Board

There’s nothing better than a Halloween party, complete with creative costumes and the strains of Boris Karloff’s “Monster Mash” playing from a nearby speaker. The perfect pairing for all these festivities?  A Halloween charcuterie board that is equally spooky.  Take your basic snack board and turn it into one from your guests’ greatest nightmares — […]

Oscar-style: The Steak of Kings

You might have seen it on menus or praised on cooking shows. But what is Oscar-style steak, exactly? The story of this luxurious dish begins with Oscar Frederik, aka Oscar II, who was a 19th century King of Sweden.  When he wasn’t on king duty, he was also a poet, the founder of the world’s […]

Just found your dream vacation rental? Level-up your luxury experience and hire a chef for a dinner party!

Scrolling through AirBNB and other vacation rentals of the world can be pretty inspiring. You’ve got some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens out there. We’re talking concealed ovens, crystal backsplashes, and luxurious larders.  And the patio areas? An oasis decked out with swimming pools, cabanas, and a backyard bar.  If you have been lucky […]

Enchiladas, Tacos, and Chile Con Queso. Are they Mexican or Tex-Mex?

That burrito you’re holding. Is it Tex-Mex, Mexican, or something else altogether? What is Tex-Mex cuisine, anyway?  What people often label “Mexican” cuisine, is in fact, Tex-Mex. Defined as a blend of Mexican, Spanish and American cuisine, Tex-Mex began to have its own definition in the early 40s, but it has since gained popularity all […]

Why Choose Local Meal Prep?

There are a lot of meal prep service companies popping up these days. This is, in part, a response to the pandemic. Many are trying to drop the “Quarantine 15” or are just trying to eat healthier (while still staying safe).  National meal delivery companies such as Freshly or Every plate seem to share many […]

When it comes to oven-ready meal delivery and “gourmet” frozen dinners, what’s the difference?

The frozen dinner aisle has changed quite a bit from its mid-century beginnings when the latest and greatest freezing technologies allowed dinner favorites to be mass-produced. Before you could say “microwave,” grocery store shelves were overflowing with meatloaves and macaroni-and-cheese trays. They came packaged inside beautifully designed boxes that made amazing promises, some simply too […]

Southwestern-inspired 4th of July Recipes for an All-American Texas Cook-Out

Independence Day is just around the corner. It’s time for cookouts draped in American flags, patriotic flair, and your favorite 4th of July recipes.  But Texans take barbecue seriously, especially on this most patriotic of holidays. No bland, rubbery chicken breasts that have been sitting on the grill too long. Perish the thought of a […]

Snack breaks are the happiness hack you didn’t know you were missing

What is a snack break?  Snack breaks are those little breaks you take throughout the day to take a moment or two to recharge and eat something healthy and nutritious to help fuel your day. This means no more slumping around waiting for the lunch hour to arrive as the hangry closes in on you.  […]

Curious about intermittent fasting? These apps will help you stay on track.

Intermittent fasting is a popular way of managing not only your diet but your fitness goals.  Many celebrities swear by it. Even celebrity chef, Sandra Lee, credits it for achieving her weight loss goal.  People love intermittent fasting because it is far less focused on what you eat but when you eat. The idea is […]

Planning meals in advance to help control portions? Avoid these common mistakes.

A stroll down the snack aisle is all it takes to notice an interesting trend, and one that crosses over into all of the grocery store aisles. Sabra Classic Hummus Singles. Mini Cottage Cheese Cups. Skinny Pop 100 Calorie Popcorn Packets.  It seems that we aren’t quite sure how much is enough when it comes […]

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