Are you ready to rumble… in the kitchen? You know and love all the cooking-show challenges. Master Chef, Top Chef, Iron Chef, Chopped—you’re completely obsessed. So why not join the fun? If you’ve ever sat on the couch and thought, “I want to do that,” now you can.

Our Ultimate Cooking Competitions are designed for the team that wants to play for ultimate bragging rights. If you’re concerned about experience, have no fear. These events are perfect for cooks at every level. Plus, we specialize in hosting corporate groups. All you have to do is enlist your co-workers, colleagues or friends. Then, get set for an epic food fight!

How It Works:

  1. Select your showdown style: mystery basket, featured ingredient or stocked pantry. You’ll have the opportunity to create a challenge that’s unique and thrilling. We’ll also be sure to ask about your food preferences and allergies before organizing the event.
  2. Devise and execute a game-winning dish. Plan your idea, gather your ingredients and get cooking! But don’t worry if you’re completely stumped. One of our Artisans will be there to help you along.
  3. Enter the judgment round! Serve up your dish and see how it fares with the competition. Will you savor the essence of success or face the disgust of defeat?

Win or lose, everyone will have the chance to sample each other’s dishes, learn tips and tricks from our expert chef and engage in a little friendly competition. Okay, so maybe everyone wins.

It’s a truly unforgettable experience that brings teams and friends together. Forget about treating your employees to afternoon cake in the break room or happy hour at the local dive bar. Instead, introduce them to Austin’s most exciting fine dining throwdown.

The next time you watch your favorite competitive cooking show don’t forget to take notes—because you’re next!

Take the Challenge: Contact us to learn more about The Austin Artisan’s Ultimate Cooking Competitions, and to book your event.