Why Choose Us

Special Event Catering Professionals Who Entertain, Interact, and Match Seasonal Dishes With Your Tastebuds

Austin is a vibrant, diverse city bursting with creativity and innovation. Our special event catering mirrors that vitality in every possible way, from our use of the most in-season, naturally ripened fruits and vegetables to the entertaining, interactive engagement and educational experience our chefs offer you and your guests during meal preparation and service.

As important as exquisite, gourmet dishes are to us, catering Austin private parties is about more than just food for us. We want to bring you something singular and life-affirming, an experience you didn’t even know you needed: the gift of truly relishing a meal from beginning to end while making interpersonal connections.

Historically, sitting down to meals has been a way to strengthen family ties and community bonds and we don’t see any reason why that tradition can’t continue. In fact, in this day and age, the interpersonal dimension of food may be more important than ever.

This philosophy of using food as a conduit to positive experiences that connect people is central to our Company Culture .

Whether you’re in need of Corporate Catering , Special Event Catering, or a personal chef for Dinner Parties  or weekly Prepared Meals  for your family, we offer a personalized service that you’ll never forget.

We’ve been catering Austin dinner parties and corporate events since 2013, as well as providing families with customized weekly meals that bring them together around healthy, personalized meals.

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