Catering Austin Events With Our Local Community

We are devoted to catering Austin events with a unique blend of culinary expertise and interactive, cultural immersion. The resulting personalized catered experience  brings joy into people’s lives and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

This experience isn’t an accident; it’s the philosophy and ethos of our company culture. We believe food and delicious meals are a conduit into the heart and soul, a way for us to transmit love and intention into the world around us.

We also believe in being stewards of the community we love, which is why we try to source our ingredients from local, seasonal producers. By practicing a sustainable, farm-to-table philosophy and catering Austin events using mostly local growers, we help the environment, the local economy, and we’re able to provide you with a greater variety of nutrient-rich foods.

It’s a win-win-win, a triangulated business model that allows our local suppliers and customers to benefit and grow as we do. As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships.

With our prepared meal service, we aim to help busy families spend more quality time together and make their lives less stressful and more abundant.

Giving back to our community also means we’re proud to support and raise money for local charities, including the Austin Child Guidance Center, which provides mental health services to our city’s children and families. We also donate our services to St. Francis School, Ballet Austin, Texas School for the Deaf, Salvation Army, and National CASA Association (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for Children. In 2019, we were pleased to raise more than $270,750 to these worthy causes.

Learn more about our story how we thrive at catering Austin residents’ special events.

Culture I The Austin Artisan Team Gathered Around the Counter at a Client's Kitchen Prepping for a Dinner Party