Independence Day is just around the corner. It’s time for cookouts draped in American flags, patriotic flair, and your favorite 4th of July recipes. 

But Texans take barbecue seriously, especially on this most patriotic of holidays. No bland, rubbery chicken breasts that have been sitting on the grill too long. Perish the thought of a boring pasta salad. And don’t even THINK about letting mass-produced hot sauces make an appearance on YOUR dinner table. 

Austinites love Tex-Mex flavors that feature fresh herbs, dry rubs, touches of smoky flavor, all combined with a bit of heat (and heart). Our round-up of celebrity chef 4th of July recipes features all of the above–and more.

This list has got everything you need to make sure your dinner table features a double dose of Southwestern inspiration. 

Time to get cookin’… 

Celebrate the 4th of July with these delicious celebrity chef recipes

Lisa Fain’s Dr. Pepper Ribs

Coca-Cola might be America’s favorite soda pop. But for Texans, Dr. Pepper rules supreme. Perhaps this is because Dr. Pepper was invented right here in the LoneStar State. If there’s one thing Texans love, it’s shopping local. Guess that goes for soda pop, too! 

The only thing better than a cool glass of Dr. Pepper paired with a heaping plate of barbecue, is to combine the sweet soda pop with any Texan’s other culinary true love: a juicy, thick slab of meat. But with these Dr. Pepper Ribs courtesy of Homesick Texan, you can combine the two right on the grill. Cook up the perfect juicy, sticky mess you’d expect from such a perfect duo. 

While you are reading up on Lisa’s recipe, check out her post on Texas Ranch Style Beans too. It’s another must for any ATX 4th of July affair. 

Barbecued ribs sit on a wood platter.

Tim Love’s Barbecued Chicken 

It might sound a bit strange, but we believe you can tell a lot about a person by the way they cook a chicken. Tim Love’s barbecued chicken speaks volumes about his Texas roots. It features brined meat that is cooked close to the charcoals. And you have to love the Southwestern touch, with its inspired use of smashed garlic, scallions, fennel, jalapeño, and ancho. It’s the perfect addition to any 4th of July recipes round-up. 

Barbecued chicken sits on plate.

Ree Drummond’s Mexican Macaroni Salad

Every 4th of July dinner party needs a side salad, but you can’t get away with boring old potato salad in Texas. I love the way Ree Drummond, aka “The Pioneer Woman,” has put her own twist on a traditional macaroni salad with what she calls “Mexican Macaroni Salad.” The fact that she mixes salsa into the sauce base allows you to customize the flavor profile just a bit. You can really get creative and use your favorite Texas-made salsa (or even make your own homemade salsa).

Tomatoes, peppers, and macaroni sit on a counter.

Jack Gilmore’s Cowboy Corn

Classic corn on the cobb is tasty in its own right. But if you want to try something a bit different, check out Jack Gilmore’s recipe for Cowboy Corn. He uses a Dutch Oven and a variety of peppers to achieve the unique flavor profile, but you can mimic a similar effect by grilling and cooking the same veggies on your grill. 

Four unshucked pieces of corn on the cobb.

Kristen Kish’s Sweet Peach Olive Oil Cake

Peaches are one of Texas’ leading fruit crops, and at The Austin Artisan, we love to use them in both savory and sweet recipes. The 4th of July is the perfect time to pull out your favorite peach-centered classic dessert recipes when Texas Hill Country crops are in abundance. Seasonal ingredients always add a difference you can truly taste to just about any dish. 

Kristen Kish’s Sweet Peach Olive Oil Cake is the way to go if you want to add a new tradition to your 4th of July recipes lineup. If you aren’t familiar with her work already, Kristen is an Austin-based chef who made a name for herself by winning Season 10 of Bravo’s Top Chef. She is now the owner and Executive Chef at Austin’s Arlo Grey. She made a fennel pollen olive oil cake on the show, and this peach version is an easier version of the same recipe. She recommends serving it with Greek yogurt, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, we say go straight for adding a generous scoop of ice cream. 

Fresh peaches inside of a wood box.

Guy Fieri’s Fourth of July Cocktail 

Guy Fieri’s 4th of July red, white, and blue cocktail not only oozes with patriotic flair, but it has a watermelon base that is the perfect antidote to hot summer days. After all, no backyard party is complete without a dose of fresh berries on the table, and you guessed it: watermelons are technically a berry. One of our favorite berries, in fact. But don’t let this drink recipe’s fruity profile fool you. This one has one hell of a kick in it, too (hello jalapeno pepper). 

Want us to do the cooking for you? 

If all this BBQ talk has your mouth watering but sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. We can do the cooking for you! 

Backyard dinner setup.

The Austin Artisan’s meal delivery services and dinner parties can be enjoyed any day of the week, but we especially love cooking up dishes with a bit of patriotic flair. Be warned: bookings for popular holidays fill up fast! Give us your wish list ASAP, and we’ll make a backyard barbecue dinner party so good you might just say, “Oh my stars!” And you won’t be talking about the fireworks.